Friday, March 13, 2009

Travels to Slovakia and the Czech Republic

I spent from March 4 through March 12, 2009 in Bratislava, Slovakia and in Brno, the Czech Republic.

The time for me was splendid and enlightening.

I stayed at the home of Julius and Gordana Alexy. Left you see their little ones, Marinka (4) and Dagi (2).

I was treated with great hospitality, and found my students and my peers to be of exceptional quality in character and virtue.

Part of my trip involved me in a teaching program for young people in their 20's. I offer a small report and some pictures from that time here (<-- click).

I then had a day free and was able to see a few local sites in Slovakia. These travels can be seen here (<-- click).

Finally, the day before my return journey, I spoke at a scholarly conference in Brno, Czech Republic. I offer a word on this conference, and again some pictures here (<-- click).

Thanks all for your constant encouragement and support for me.