Thursday, March 1, 2007

The nauseating and wearisome quality of partisan politics

What can be done about politics in democracies? Why is the politsphere so alien in its ways and dynamics to the simple realities we clearly know and see in daily life? We pay SO much to have these politicians around us, but they are so bizarre in their behavior, wildly (and problematically) different from normal people. Is it possible that a radical change in how society is governed is soon to be upon us? Might it be possible that governance will start to reflect normal human behavior?

Below is an article from the SF Chronicle about Senator McCain being forced by Karen Finney of the DNC to "apologize immediately for his callous comments" McCain said US lives were "wasted" in Iraq.

McCain Says He Regrets Iraq Comment

We ALL know speaking is speaking. We ALL know that we don't get things right every time we speak. We ALL know we ALL get things a little off, a little wrong a lot of the time. John McCain IS Mr. Soldier. Everyone knows that. McCain is the America's biggest cheerleader for the US invasion of Iraq outside the Bush circle. His whole persona is military. Democrats jumping all over him for a wrong word? Who's kidding whom?

We don't need this wasteful, fantasy world of the constant lust for political advantage constantly swirling around us and using up our money. We need a concept of governance that spares us this perversity, and releases human good will to engage political reality in search of solutions and pursuit of a wholesome vision for life in the world. The oppositionness of American society is now extreme to a harmful degree. Americans should revolt against the persistence of this moribund system.

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