Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Harmony among Iraqis

This video produced by a friend offers a ray of hope

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Robert 'Standing Eagle' said...

... I am looking forward to the day when we can all sit together on the desert sands there in Gaza, in Palestine, in all of the present disputed territories and:

Light the counsel fires,

Sit in counsel together,

Break bread together,

Talk the "talk-of-the-ages",

Sing the "songs-of-the-ages",

Play our heart's and soul's music together and;

Dance the "dance-of-life" as true spiritual brothers and sisters. And do so without the "trumped up differences", burdens, baggage, and trappings of our religions, flags, territories, egos, and borders.

Just imagine--

no boundaries,

No Boundaries,



Just think of this concept--this glorious day--just open hands, open arms, open hearts, and open minds!!

To open a true new age of peace, prosperity, equality, and healing!!!

--Robert 'Standing Eagle' Marshall
(excerpt from a talk given at "Coffee-At-Dawn" Coffee House and Tea Room on Sat, 18Mar2006)