Friday, October 26, 2007

Cuba broadcasts large segment of Bush's critical speech

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MIAMI — In a highly unusual move, the Cuban government media Thursday published an entire page of excerpts from President Bush's speech on the island, and earlier broadcast some 15 minutes of his address on television.

The transcript also included the parts where Bush directly addressed Cuban people, including the military.

"I think U.S. policy is like any horror movie monster," Hernandez said. "It's enough to show it on TV. Display it under the light of the moon like the Wolf Man; anyone with the most minimal capacity for observation — eyes — can see the nature of that policy for themselves."

Bush's words to the military also makes him seem interventionist and even plays to the fears many Cubans have of change.

Philip Peters, of the Lexington Institute think tank in Alexandria, Va. "What helps the Cuban government immensely is that many Cubans fear change, and there are many things in this speech that feed that fear."

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