Friday, February 29, 2008

Jolie on displaced Iraqi's

Here is Angelina Jolie's important and well written WAPO op-ed on displaced Iraqi's.

Please click through to the entire article. It contains important information:

Staying to Help in Iraq

We still don't know exactly how many Iraqis have fled their homes, where they've all gone, or how they're managing to survive. Here is what we do know: More than 2 million people are refugees inside their own country -- without homes, jobs and, to a terrible degree, without medicine, food or clean water. Ethnic cleansing and other acts of unspeakable violence have driven them into a vast and very dangerous no-man's land. Many of the survivors huddle in mosques, in abandoned buildings with no electricity, in tents or in one-room huts made of straw and mud. Fifty-eight percent of these internally displaced people are younger than 12 years old.

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Gene Hart said...

Insightful. Something of which we should be more aware. Thanks to Jolie and her peace ambassadorial role (is that a word?)we can be apprised of the refugee situation. I've got to applaud her. She's one of the few and, unfortunately, usually nutcase actresses that's putting her money where her mouth is and not just being flippantly negative. She seems to be seeking a constructive approach and realistic understanding, which is helpful.