Friday, May 9, 2008

US reputation will need repair

KARACHI, (Dawn): US Ambassador Anne W. Patterson has said that the depth of anti-Americanism in Pakistan, especially in the middle class, has surprised her because Pakistan’s long-term interests are aligned with “ours and with those of other western countries”.
By Sabihuddin Ghausi

This article quoted above reveals the uphill battle facing US former administrations. The United States has been an invaluable ally and supporter of Pakistan for decades. Yet the assumptions about US intentions and how it has related to Pakistan has deteriorated even among the educated and the middle class who if any should be the first to understand and recognize the importance of close relationships with the United States.

I recommend to read this article as part of recognizing the ground for upcoming foreign policy. Ambassador Patterson, who represents this current administration is well represented in her efforts to stand for our the good in America, but the decay of our standing in the world under the militarism and questionable human rights decisions of this administration also is interesting to read in this balanced report. One still sees, even in her sound and careful efforts with the press, the predominance of military mindedness in the current US approach to its foreign relations.

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