Sunday, June 15, 2008

Many positions on Abdul Qadeer Khan

Today, June 15, 2008, Fox News in six short paragraphs reports:
David Albright, a well-known nuclear weapons expert, said that designs for a nuclear device small enough to fit on a ballistic missile were found on computers belonging to the now-defunct smuggling ring of rouge Pakistani nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan.
Nothing more said, a simple "report."

This Fox News "report" makes zero effort to contextualize its language in the May 30 reports that flooded every powerful established media outlet (CBS, IHT, Telegraph, etc. etc.) that Khan called his confession forced, saying in a CBS interview:
"It was not of my own free will," he told The Guardian, saying he had been forced to make the admission by Musharraf. "It was handed into my hand," he was quoted as saying.

Today, though, Khan told CBS News that he had not written that confession, but merely read a document put in front of him “because of the promises that were made.”
Khan says the origin of the proliferation lies in Europe.

The Fox "report" on the sudden discover of documents on Khan's computers also fails to make mention of the fact (as reported in the Guardian, May 31):

Alarm about the sale of nuclear know-how follows the disclosure that the Swiss government, allegedly acting under US pressure, secretly destroyed tens of thousands of documents from a massive nuclear smuggling investigation.

The information was seized from the home and computers of Urs Tinner, a 43-year-old Swiss engineer who has been in custody for almost four years....

President Pascal Couchepin stunned his Swiss compatriots last week by announcing that the Tinner files, believed to number around 30,000 documents, had been shredded.
All news needs a news outlet.

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