Monday, December 1, 2008

No way to stop us, pirate leader says

If you are like me, the sudden emergence of near daily reports of piracy on the high seas is hard to get one's mind around.

Truth be told I never expected to have much to do with the term "pirates" in day to day life. Until lately for me the term brought to mind Captain Hook, Johnny Depp, peg legs, eye-patches, and flintlock pistols.

Suddenly I am reading of the capture of the Faina, with 33 T-72 tanks on board(!) and a Saudi tanker with over $100 million of crude on board!

Then this morning, lo and behold "Boyah" appears and offers a full interview. So if you are missing delivery of a T-72 tank, have your post-meltdown cash tied up in captured crude, or are simply trying to deal with the imposition by circumstances to incorporate the word pirates into your adult mentality, this article should be of interest:

No way to stop us, pirate leader says

Somalis are so desperate to survive that attacks on merchant shipping in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean will not stop, a pirate leader promises.

"The pirates are living between life and death," said the pirate leader, identified by only one name, Boyah. "Who can stop them? Americans and British all put together cannot do anything."

The interview with the pirate was conducted in late August by journalists employed by the Somali news organization Garowe. The complete interview was provided to CNN last week and provides a glimpse of why piracy has been so hard to control in the region.

Entire article here

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