Monday, August 30, 2010

Glenn Beck’s Rally

Here is an interesting angle on how the Glenn Beck rally is being covered.

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This post is more about the media, than about Glenn Beck’s rally itself.  It is increasingly the case that 1 news lead becomes the one that gets taken by newspapers (news sources) worldwide.  Lazy journalism in a cash-strapped time of transition.

Glenn Beck at Rally

In this case the dominant report on what should be a extremely closely watched event (but instead everyone starts blabbing away based on second hand knowledge) is an AP article with the title Beck: Help us restore traditional American values.

But if you read the article you traverse 3 full paragraphs before you see anything remotely related to values.

But things get even worse, and this is why I write this here.  The first mention of anything related to values, shows in fact how pathetic the news media is on this issue (and that in my book is a real danger).  What they call values is an uneducated media figure asking people to turn to God and to pray. These may or may not be good things to do.  I don’t care.  But this is simply religion, preaching, and exhortation.  It is not a discussion of values.


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