Wednesday, October 13, 2010

In South Dakota: Another Sarah Palin?

Is killing large animals a requisite for women in politics?

Democrat Herseth-Sandlin might have thought that being a hunter was sufficient to win this November, but her challenger Republican Kristi Noem hunts elk with bow and arrow.

Perhaps an Independent who kills animals with her bare teeth would beat them both in this highly observed South Dakota race for Congress

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Herseth-Sandlin is an avid hunter and one of the top conservative Democrats in the House. She's also from a highly regarded South Dakota political family; her grandfather was a governor, her grandmother a South Dakota Secretary of State and her father a leader in the state legislature.

But Herseth-Sandlin has never faced a challenger like Kristi Noem. She's a rancher, a mother of three, and a staunch conservative who is running on a platform of slashing federal spending and repealing the new federal health care law. She's also an avid hunter known to hunt elk with a bow and arrow. Her political views and physical appearance have led some to label her "South Dakota's Sarah Palin."


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