Saturday, April 2, 2011

Iranian, anti-Israel arms trade

A quiet, non-dramatic, non-hysterical, non-ideological account of Israel's incessant need for vigilance, and incessant military efforts in the region

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After contacting the captain of
the ship by radio, the commandos climbed aboard and, encountering no resistance,
began a brief search of the cargo. They went to the “suspicious” containers, the
ones that were loaded at the Syrian port of Latakia and were slated to be
unloaded at the Egyptian port of Alexandria, according to the cargo
The Victoria followed by Navy speedboat
The commandos found the containers fitted with heavy locks,
unusual for shipments of lentils and cotton. Behind a row of sacks, they found
what they were looking for: crates of mortar shells, and then the real prize –
the C-704 anti-ship missiles.

The seizure of the Victoria was not
impressive for the quantity of arms found – the Francop cargo ship captured by
Israel in late 2009 was carrying 10 times more weaponry – but for the

The C-704 is an anti-ship missile made in China and used by
Iran, which calls it the Nasr. Like surface-to-air missiles, the C-704 is the
type of weapon that Israel fears could shift the balance of power in the region
and undermine its operational freedom.
But while the discovery is
impressive and was the result of major intelligence and operational efforts, it
is just another chapter in the larger covert war that Israel is waging against
Iran and its terror proxies throughout the Middle East, and joins a long list of
similar special operations that have taken place in recent years.

battle against Iranian arms shipments to Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas is extremely
complicated and involves unprecedented coordination between Israel and its
allies, primarily the United States.

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