Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wikileaks and Assange endanger lives of those opposing violent tyrannies

What is the right way to think about Wikileaks. It does expose evil at powerful levels, but also exposes heroes of the resistance, leaving them open to violence and death.

Amplify’d from www.nytimes.com
the antisecrecy organization WikiLeaks has published on the Web nearly 134,000 leaked diplomatic cables in recent days, more than six times the total disclosed publicly since the posting of the leaked State Department documents began last November.
the newly published cables included the names of some people who had spoken confidentially to American diplomats and whose identities were marked in the cables with the warning “strictly protect.”

Among those named, despite diplomats’ warnings, were a United Nations official in West Africa and a foreign human rights activist working in Cambodia. They had spoken candidly to American Embassy officials on the understanding that they would not be publicly identified.

Last year, WikiLeaks was sharply criticized by human rights activists for disclosing the names of Afghan citizens who had provided information on the Taliban to the American military.
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