Thursday, December 29, 2011

The formal end of Bachman

Michelle Bachman has been toast for a long time already, but her comment on defector Sorenson marks the official end of her bid.

Politics is politics. There comes a time in the path of each novice hopeful in which they reveal that they are unfamiliar with the nature of politics in big leagues.

In the case of odd-ball and spoiler Ross Perot, he goofily blurted that opponents darkened his daughter's wedding. That was the end of Perot. It was as much as saying "Hi, I know nothing about politics. Vote for me"

Here Bachman makes the absurd declaration that her boy bailed out for money. Good night Ms. Bachman. Please give us a call if you are interested to know any other realities about politics in the big leagues.

Some things are known. Some things are not said.
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Michele Bachmann just lost one of her most high-profile advisers to none other than Ron Paul. Iowa State Sen. Kent Sorenson ditched the Minnesotan and jumped on the Libertarian bandwagon, announcing at a Paul rally, "Tonight's a little tough for me; I've been serving as Michele Bachmann's state chair for the last year. And while Michele has fought tremendously for my conservative values, I believe we're at a turning point in this campaign. I believe that we have an opportunity to elect a conservative, someone who holds our values dear." The two-timing aide had appeared with Bachmann at another event in Iowa just a few hours before he announced his loyalty to Paul. Bachmann, meanwhile, said that Sorenson said he was “selling out” after being offered a large sum of money.

Bachmann's Iowa Chair Endorses Paul
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