Tuesday, May 15, 2012


~ॐ♥ This Accupressure chart is an outline of where individual meridians are in our hands. Those meridians of energy, are attached to the whole, and greater part of who you are. Working on 'one thing at a time' allows you to invest some vibrational escrow into feeling good. 

If you wish to allow more energy OR 'CHI' in to a certain area of your body, find its spot on your hand, PRESS down into the spot for 4 seconds, and release for 2...REPEAT...until you feel your energy shift.

As you are doing this, its an added bonus to have some high vibrating sounds accompany you...Like a Chant CD, or rain sounds. This will allow greater focus, and once you are more adept at 'feeling' the sensation of balance, you will be able to do this anywhere, regardless of distractions.

Im always playing with my hands, as these meridians are really strong, and helped me with my chronic pain. When the pain flares, like if Im on the bus and someone douced in cheap perfume...I need relief fast, this works LIKE A CHARM!!!

I hope you find some breakthroughs in your own healing by being more in tune with your energy flow ♥ ॐ ~

Courtesy of RLW

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