Monday, October 22, 2012

Foreign policy debate preview - The Washington Post

Here is something both fascinating and encourging.

Anyone living in the US (maybe elsewhere in the world) know that what passes as "news coverage," and especially the choise of "news-deliverers" has degenerated into the sump of telegenic dominance, and when it comes to cable news, a nauseating preponderance of "let's you and he fight."

It is SO difficult to find a place to see issues fleshed out in genuinely informative and educational ways, so that  viewers can walk away more knowledgeable as a result of time spent.

For a period of time, the "internet" was seen as a bothersome and mettlesome interloper, interfering with "the big boys."  But in time, the rough and ready world of reportage continued its slide across to "the internet."

What we see below is, rather than a combative and resistant approach to the nimble "real presence" of "internet" inquiry, is a "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" response from The Washingto Post.  A video that is very low tech, yet PERFECTLY fine to suit the needs of a news consumer looking to increase their knoweldge and readiness to watch tonight's very important debate on foreign policy intelligently.

Foreign policy debate preview - The Washington Post:

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