Saturday, August 18, 2007

Germans increasingly targeted

One would imagine, from the standpoint of violence prone Islamists that Germany (for the most part) did not fall too far onto the wrong side of the ledger vis a vis the non-UN approved US led invasion of Iraq.

Despite this there has been a spate of "anti-west" violence against Germans recently, now with yesterday's events in which armed assailants abducted a German woman from a restaurant in Kabul on Saturday. [Article here]:

In Saturday's abduction in Kabul, the armed men pulled up next to a barbecue and fast food restaurant, and one of the men went inside and asked to order a pizza ...

The man in the restaurant then pulled out a pistol, walked up to a table where the woman was sitting with her boyfriend, and took her away

It is possible, I suppose that the selection of this woman was caused by conducive circumstances, but this writer thinks it unlikely. Two factors must be considered:
  1. The woman is in Afghanistan representing a Christian organization.
    1. The German woman abducted Saturday worked for a small, nonaffiliated Christian organization called Ora International,
  2. The spate of "Islamist" attack against German targets is directly related to legislation in Germany called "the headscarf ban."

German state backs headscarf ban
The southern German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg has become the first in the country to ban teachers from wearing Islamic headscarves.

The state assembly approved the law almost unanimously, but Muslim groups said it eroded religious freedom.

Another five out of 16 states are in the process of passing similar bans.

Teacher Fereshta Ludin
Teacher Fereshta Ludin's case prompted states to legislate

While Germany has enjoyed some cover from continental Europe's distance from US foreign policy, it has a long history of policy issues regarding its Turkish immigrants, and has a very bad habit of violating UN standards of human rights when it comes to religious freedom.

I hope Christians will be safe and welcome in Afghnistan, but in the mean time folly like headscarf bans are wrong, and now not only wrong but will prove to be increasingly dangerous.

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