Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Iraqi parliamentarian calls for Levin's ouster

In a remarkable show of ignorance, a member of the Iraqi parliament called for the removal of US senator Carl Levin; AN ELECTED OFFICIAL!

People worldwide were startled that an elected official, and someone in a position of public responsibility, duly elected into Iraq's budding democracy could be so ignorant of the democratic process, and could possibly do something so wacky and hare-brained as to imagine that he could call for the removal of an elected official in some other country!

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"It is obvious that the people of Iraq have a long way to go to understand democracy," said a US State Department official speaking on condition of anonymity, "Carl Levin was elected for crying out loud. What'll it be next? People from other parliaments telling us to get rid of President Bush?"

(article courtesy of Steven Jares)


Eugene said...

Yeah, and some of our Congressman called for the replacement of Iraq's Prime Minister. Eeegad! Did we just forget what we initiated over there? A democracy as I last recalled. How inane of us to be meddlers, too.

And as far as al-Maliki is concerned, Americans just don't get it. From AP Sep 2, 07 :

BAGHDAD - Iraq’s beleaguered prime minister accused his American critics on Sunday of underestimating how hard it is to rebuild his country and failing to appreciate his government’s achievements “such as stopping the civil and sectarian war.”

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said told reporters that some of the criticism from Washington sends “signals to terrorists luring them into thinking that the security situation in the country is not good.”


Eugene said...

I'm sorry. But it was Carl Levin who called for the ouster of al-Maliki, says the article you referred us to. I did not see the article about the member from the Iraqi parliament calling for the ouster of Levin.