Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jerusalem Post criticizes Obama's closeness to Mubarak

Jerusalem Post is clear in its position, but its tone is mature and measured
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Obama delivered his address to the Muslim world in Cairo in June and has already met Mubarak three times since taking office.

Yet, while Obama has called upon the pro-American Arab states, including Egypt, to adopt new confidence-building measures towards Israel such as allowing Israeli airlines to fly over their territories, establishing semi-diplomatic and commercial offices and opening their borders for tourists, Mubarak said that these measure would come only after Israel signs peace agreements with all of its Arab neighbors.

Obama's Cairo speech and his obsession with the settlements issue to the point of exclusion of all other obstacles to Israeli-Palestinian conflict resolution, led the Arabs to believe that they don't have to contribute anything to the process and that the US will do all the work for them.

Seventy one senators politely wrote Obama on August 10 that he needs to better balance his strategy:

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