Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Who briefs Richardson

Whence comes Richardson's unique capacity to assess North Korean intentions?

What careless and raggedy political craft
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SANTA FE, New Mexico(AFP) — North Korea is calling for new nuclear talks but wants them directly with the United States, Governor Bill Richardson said after a rare meeting with diplomats sent by Pyongyang.

"We had productive talks," Richardson said. "I got a sense that temperatures have really cooled down since President Clinton?s visit.

Richardson, who met with North Korean delegates Kim Myong-Gil and Paek Jong-Ho at his sprawling hacienda overlooking Santa Fe, said Pyongyang felt it was now up to Obama to make the next move.

"I detected for the first time... a lessening of tension, some positive vibrations."

The White House stated clearly that the North Korean mission had not come at the behest of the Obama administration.

State Department spokesman Ian Kelly said no message had been passed to Richardson to give to the North Koreans and reiterated Washington's policy on North Korea.

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